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Fun with Genealogy!

In the last of the three days of RootsTech events, we're focusing on FUN: Inviting back Sindi Terrien, our project recipe speaker from January to talk about how everyone can have fun with genealogy🎉

Each of these events in our six-part series seems to build on the others as we all share insights and compare notes on topics from interviewing to engaging family. This morning’s event was no exception as

, author of Genealogy Fun While Developing New Genealogists joined us to talk about the more general topic of having fun with genealogy.

As with so many of our events, we quickly had ideas, links and ideas flying around. You can pick up many of these from the transcript ☝️ above, but to make it easy, here are the links I caught:

As the conversation extended into our after-party, we explored a variety of ideas that are sure to come up as future talks and project recipes. We hope to see you at a future event.

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Join us later today for the last of these of these events during RootsTech 2024 — our Wash up Party 🧼🫧 with Hilary Blanford of the East Surrey Family History Society:

Finally, don’t miss our new Members’ Corner launched in celebration of RootsTech, and remember that you’re very welcome to submit your own articles for next month’s cohort!

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