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Simon Davies, founder of shares how he created a set of playing cards as gifts for his family linked to 52 stories of his ancestors

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We were thrilled to host Simon Davies, founder of the family archive platform, in a project recipe event.1

The secret to this project is the combination of ordinary playing cards with an online archive to host his stories and of course, Simon's ready with his archive.

QR codes connect each card to archive profiles for each ancestor. The archive provides a private and safe place to view the stories themselves. In this example, he's made the profiles public but in a feature of his software, access is constrained to profiles of ancestors in his archive. For privacy, the profiles of living people are blurred out. You could duplicate this approach with any kind of online page, though we love this easy solution for archiving and privacy.

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Special thanks to Projectkin member Ann Larkham, of who introduced me to Simon and

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