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My journey to capture my family legacy

The first in our RootsTech “Project Party 🎉” talks featuring Karla Von Fumetti Staudt and her journey to a shared a family archive and how she's using

I was delighted to welcome Projectkin member, genealogist, and storyteller, Karla Von Fumetti Staudt (

) as our speaker this morning.

Karla described her own journey from the boxes of her grandfather’s papers to a modern system of shared archives. Her story touches on familiar stones:

  • That moment when her dad looked at her and said, “we have to do something,”

  • To the point when after she’d collected a room full of archives her husband said, “what are you going to do with all this stuff.”

The answer, as you’ll learn, came to her after a thoughtful evaluation of requirements and technology options. Karla’s builds from a new platform, and focuses on legacy and the engagement of her family. She’s used it to construct both a public family history archive and a private archive of her living family members, in essence a living historical record.


During our conversation, we touched on a number of external links. These may be helpful to you in reviewing the talk:

  • is the family archiving platform we discussed at length. Note that the company was founded by Projectkin member

    so you’ll know how to reach him here on Substack.

Examples from Karla’s WeAre Family Archive:

Because of the remarkable technological transformations of our age, we are among the first generations to compile these materials into meaningful digital archives that can help our ancestors build on the collection we've amassed. Many tools have stepped in to offer solutions here. In her talk, Karla mentioned some she continues to use and others she considered:

In the chat there was a discussion of the importance of photo metadata as a means to provide useful archival information. Karla mentioned how important it was that does not modify the metadata for photos you add to your archive. From the Projectkin archives, I can also recommend this introductory talk by Caroline Guntur about Metadata.

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