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Project Recipe: A Family Cookbook Spanning Five Generations

In this inspiring program, Kerri Kearney shares the “recipe” for how she created a family cookbook for her daughter that brings together the stories and culture passed down over five generations.

As we celebrate just five months of these Project Recipe Events1, Kerri Kearney stepped up today to show us how she’s been inspired to create a family cookbook spanning five generations as an heirloom gift for her daughter.

This incredible project resulted in a beautiful full-color, hardcover book of over 175 pages. As a Projectkin project it was not only inspiring, but also instructive as to process. You’ll learn in the recording about how successful this project was in…

  • Inspiring extended family members to participate and contribute their own stories to the book.

  • Turn the project from an idea into a completed gift (several times over).

  • Creating a treasured family heirloom the moment it was delivered.

  • Inspiring Projectkin to spin the idea into something for their own families.

Though I expect we’ll continue to build on these ideas,

shows us how narrowing the scope of a project can help immensely in driving design, production, and narrative decisions

Tap the word “transcript” above to get a searchable transcript of the recording. The recording is about an hour long and the chat transcript below picked up the chat for the period before the hour ended. (Conversation and chat resources continued in our “after party” for another 30 minutes).

Many details are Kerry’s excellent slides below. Feel free to add comments at the end of this post.

Project Recipe A Family Cookbook Spanning Five Generations (chat)
103KB ∙ PDF file
Family Cookbook» Slides »feb 15, 2024
17MB ∙ PDF file

Note: The conversation triggered all kinds of interesting discussions we’ll carry into other elements of our

, including…

  • Ideas for a future event on getting self-published books printed. Watch for more about that in the Post-Event Members’ Chat on Substack.

  • We also came up with a new Chat Topic, “Project Idea Feedback” which will create space for an online version of ideas discussed in Project Clinic Events.

If you missed this event live, and are interested in joining our next Project Recipe Event, you’ll see the full listing at

RootsTech in two weeks!

The upcoming Salt Lake City-based RootsTech show on February 29-March 2 is creating a great chance to share what we’re up to here at We have two special programs coming.

  1. It’s a Project Party 🎉 Though it’s entirely free to view online, but you don’t get the same excitement as being on the show floor, so Projectkin are stepping up to create a Project Party:

Join us your Projectkin for a fun series of six short talks over three days. Register now to get the details and be on the list for recordings.2

  1. Join me in the Members’ Corner: As we’ve separately shared with members, we have a special program to launch on February 29 that’s exclusive to Projectkin members: It’s an invitation to guest-author a post for the Members’ Corner.

There’s still time to get a piece to be included in this launch. If you miss it, no worries, it’s an ongoing program. New articles released each month.

You’re welcome, as always, to share this post either in email or as a page with friends and family who might be interested in what we’re up to. I hope to see you at another event. 👋

If you haven’t already, subscribe so you get all of these recordings delivered via email.


And now a total of 8 project recipes. You can view them all (searching the recording transcripts, if you like) at


Hey, I know it’s a busy time.

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