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Getting Your Family Into Your Projects

Our RootsTech “Project Party 🎉” continues with Victoria MacGregor of Victoria’s Press. She built on Karla's talk earlier in the day to talk about how to engage your family in the stories themselves.

Victoria MacGregor of

, joined us today to pick up on a conversation largely started a year or more ago when she was an active participant in our online events for a now-offline platform, Ponga.

Victoria started her talk with background on what brought us all together just over three years ago and a thread she followed led her to a black dog and the Black Dog Pub. You’ll get hooked into her story as we were, but it provided an excellent introduction to the larger question of the motivations for family history research, storytelling, and engagement. Enjoy the thoughtful conversation as it wandered from the tactical to the funny, then looped back around to emotional stories and trauma.

Though the recorded session leaked past our promised 30-minute mark, I hope you find the recording interesting and helpful to you in your own work. Like all of our Projectkin events, our participants were welcomed to stay after the formally recorded portion for an “After Party” where the conversation continued.1

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This is the second in our series of events. Earlier you might have heard

talking about “My journey to capture my family legacy.” These recordings are all captured here in the Projectkin Forum. At the end of each day during RootsTech, I’ll combine the two posts in one email to share with subscribers.

You’ll find the full set of recordings posted to the RootsTech section as they’re available. Here’s more about the program:

And explore our new Members’ Corner launched in celebration of RootsTech:


We do this for all Projectkin events as it can help keep the recordings tight while inviting everyone to enjoy each other’s company and build a community in shared stories.

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