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Family History Projects & a Project Recipe for Holiday Gift Giving

Session held in person at the Oakland FamilySearch Center in Oakland California. While highlighting projects as gifts, it includes a variation of the “Two Ways” project and a recipe below. 👇

Last night I had the very special honor of presenting a talk at the Oakland FamilyHistory Center here in the Bay Area. Though we had a short time window to schedule it, Denise Plaskett, Rudy Wolf, and the FamilySearch Center team and volunteers made it a success. I'm so grateful. Rudy was also gracious enough to share this recording with all of you here in our Projectkin community.

In this event, I introduced the community and our approach and shared several examples you have presented or scheduled. To make it specific, I also included a Project Recipe for a variation on the "Two Ways" gift project I presented in September.

That project was a gift for my brother that combined a framed collage with a QR code that links to a digital version on Canva's whiteboard. Since it was a gift for my brother and his family, I talked about it but didn't give you access to the digital link. This time, I created a variation of that recipe exploring a related story.

Since this one is a little more of a demo can give you all access to the project on Canva, you’ll find it here: This should open in your browser without requiring an account or password.

In the video above, you'll see the framed print, and below are the relevant links and downloads.

Project Recipe

Project Recipe "two Ways" (nov 1)
736KB ∙ PDF file

Slides from the presentation

Holiday Gift Giving » Slides » Nov
57.2MB ∙ PDF file

Please note, this event and the recording, was made possible by the gracious invitation of the team at the Oakland FamilySearch Center in Oakland, California. Many thanks to Rudiger Wolf and his team for their kind hospitality and warm engagement.

This recipe is intended for the benefit of all Projectkin member subscribers. If you’ve managed to find this — and are not yet a member, well, good for you.

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