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Family story gems collected in the swamps of Albemarle Sound, North Carolina, that have been organized into a framed collage and an interactive site. See detailed project recipe at bottom 👇

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I’ve had the good fortune to inherit an extraordinary recitation of our family history from my grandmother who passed away in the 1960s — I never had a chance to get to know her. Her legacy included a limited-edition, self-published book of family history. The book formed a fascinating trail of clues for her heirs to follow in our family history research.

This particular project came about on the occasion of my first visit to see my brother and his family at his vacation home in North Carolina’s Outer Banks in the summer of 2023.

On a hunch, I started searching my grandmother’s book for clues about ancestors of ours who lived in the Albemarle Sound area. I knew we had Quaker ancestors, but I didn’t know about how important the area was in Quaker history in North America. I decided to use what I’d learned to assemble a gift for my brother and his family.

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