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I've managed to get the events onto my Google Calendar. My iCal is not cooperative, argh. ICal is how I share my events with family so they know I'm BUSY, lol.

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🤔 Gosh darn it, managing calendars is one of the hardest challenges across our devices. Seriously, it really is! I hate to have you futzing with it to debug the Google v. Apple challenge. For the moment, the best I can suggest is you manually add it to iCal and include the all-important event link (Google meet links always include a pattern of letters as in "https://meet.google.com/abc-def-hij" ⏎ that's not real, of course).

Though I can't do it before RootsTech without risking the success of our 🎉 party, I am re-evaluating the way we're using Eventbrite and Google Meet. As always I'm on the lookout for alternatives. Stay tuned. 😉

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