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Latest in writing tools for family historians

Our #NotAtRootstech 🐰🐰 “Project Party 🎉” continued late into the evening as Denys Allen tuned in to share her report on the show after two full days exploring the show floor and in talks.

In this evening’s installment, the fourth in a total of six programs, Denys Allen of joined us to share what she’d seen and learned from the show floor.

With the aplomb of a sportscaster,

called up video to pick up the action on the show floor adding this clip, you can see more from her YouTube channel.

Companies mentioned in her video included:

  • LORE — <Drop me a note in the comments with a link 😉>

  • — help you turn your real life stories into a book (a ghostwriting company, where the writing is done with AI)

  • — follow the backstory through the /about pages to as well. (With socks.)

  • — upload family journals into ChatGPT-like tool that allows you to query the data for answers to questions about an ancestors’ life experiences.

  • — the “anti-a-la-carte,” all-in-one platform bundling newspaper-based research with family trees and rich personalization for family storytelling.

  • — Create an avatar of a real person you can interact with based on photographs, documents, and recordings

Her open-ended sharing of pitches from booth participants created the perfect opening to a larger discussion of AI in genealogy and family storytelling.

Our recording stayed tight to the 30-minute window, but the “after-party” ran another 45 minutes or so as the discussion of the implications continued.

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This is was the fourth of six talks in our series of events and programs during RootsTech 2024. Join us for more of two more events today, Saturday, starting at 9 AM Pacific, 12 PM Eastern, 5 PM GMT, 18:00 CET!

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