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RootsTech Wash Up Party

In the last in our six part “sideshow” to RootsTech, we welcomed Hilary Blanford of the East Surrey Family History Society to explore what we discovered, were surprised by, and enjoyed at RootsTech.

I had the pleasure of meeting Hilary Blanford through an introduction from UK-based genealogist, Emma Cox of the

podcast. I was absolutely delighted and thrilled that she accepted my invitation to join us for this series. I can think of no one better to help us boil down the soup of RootsTech than Hilary. She helped us explore why it matters, why we're here and help us make a party of it.

Favorite discoveries from the show included:

That quickly led to a larger conversation about

And then, the various ways in which genealogical records can be wrong and soon enough we found our way to Bastardy Bonds... where else would we go in a genealogy after-party?

As the conversation extended into our after-party, we explored a variety of ideas that are sure to come up as future talks and project recipes. There’s good stuff brewing!

I hope you enjoy the recording and that you can join our community at a future event. Events are free and everyone is welcome. More about our events at

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If you missed any you’ll find the set of recordings archived in the Projectkin Forum hosted on Substack.

Have some suggestions for me, want me to meet someone who might help expand our scope or reach? I’d love to hear it. You can now send me a DM here on Substack, or if you’re new to the community and would prefer email, that’s completely fine too:

Drop me an email

Again, thank you all for joining me here in our “Project Party 🎉” series of talks at RootsTech. 👋

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