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Thumbnails from a variety of social media posts
Thumbnails from a variety of social media posts.

We love the thoughtful conversations we can have in this community forum platform we’ve built on Substack. However, there are times when jumping into conversations on social media can be not only productive but also fun.

To meet new people and share the joy in our work, we’re on a range of different platforms that span the globe with distinct communities.

Right now, Projectkin is on a dizzying array of social media channels. Manage this with the shameless use of automation. Over time we may prune it down to the most active channels for you our members. In the meantime, this is a summary of where we are, and below a little about why…

Where to find us on social media:

Pick your favorite and say hi!


On Instagram, we share periodic stories, posts, and Reels that celebrate projects and highlight creative solutions. We’re at @projectkinorg and follow hashtags like #FamilyHistory and #DigitalFamilyHistory.

On Facebook

On Facebook, we host a page at and participate in several groups in the Family History, Photography, and Geneology area. We also routinely post events that interconnect with Eventbrite.

On Threads

When Facebook unrolled Threads as an alternative to Twitter in 2023, we were there, snapping up @projectkinorg. Join us, and explore this fast-moving segment of text-based social media. This has become especially interesting as hashtags have been introduced and Europe was welcomed in with added controls for privacy.

On X (formerly known as Twitter)

As I write this in late 2023, Twitter, now “” remains an active, if idiosyncratic platform. We’re delighted to be an active participant in the #Genealogy community by following hashtags like #AncestryHour to meet a rich community of like-minded family history buffs, particularly in the UK and Europe.

On Mastodon

Out of concern for the viability of Twitter in November 2022, we followed a stampede to Mastodon. We’ve since updated our Ponga and post-Ponga handles to create a brand-new,

On YouTube

YouTube has been a premier channel for us since we started as a platform at Ponga. Explore our channel here and explore our video history, dating back to Ponga in 2021.


Pinners on Pinterest found their way to us early on, with our most active board being digital storytelling. We’re especially careful to be sure we’ve posted events and videos to our Pinterest fans.


TikTok is a crazy upside-down world where you never know what will be a hit. We’ve embraced it with routine posts that build on the storytelling we’re developing for Instagram and other video-forward platforms.


Though LinkedIn is more of a business relationship tool, we’ve found it an important way to stay in touch with old friends and colleagues. See our posts on our company page, or use LinkedIn to explore Barbara’s professional background.

Bluesky (

Keeping up with text-based social media during 2023 was something of a race. The year saw us heaping on new platforms faster than sprinkles at a sundae bar. Though we mourn the loss of T2/Pebble, we’re delighted by the warm welcome at Bluesky. The platform still requires an invitation, but you just need to ask. Once in, find us on our profile page (trying to hang with the cool kids. 😎)